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 Balsamic White Condiment Prelibato Pgi 200 ml / 6.76 Fl.oz Aged at least 5 years

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Aged at least 5 years, 1 bottle, 200 ml/6.76 Fl.oz

White Condiment obtained by the best Trebbiano grapes, aged at least for 5 years in ash wood barrels, which transmits a particular scent and creaminess without altering the color of the product. Sweet and sour, smooth and harmonic taste, delicate perfume and low acidity.


Acetified must of white grape 


Sulphur dioxide as processing residue

Energy value on 100 ml:

213 kcal 

Free of:


Expiration date:

Balsamic vinegar has no expiration date (law requires to indicate a date, usually around 10 years), just keep it well closed and in a cool place 


suitable on fish (saltwater fish and freshwater fish), crustacean, molluscs, caviar and on all type of fresh fruit.

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